About High Technology Group, LLC

The High Technology Group was founded in 1998 by myself (Gerry High) to provide custom software development and systems consulting.  Some of our recent consulting projects have consisted of the following:

Recent History
For the past several years I have worked closely with Microsoft technologies.  I've utilized my real world experience to obtain Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE, '95) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD, '97) certifications.  To learn more about my certifications you may click here.

I have written and performed technical editing on a variety of books.  More information on publications I've worked on is located here.  I've also had the opportunity to speak at various conferences.  I've spoken at Microsoft Developer Day, Windows NT Intranet Solutions (Tokyo), and SQL Server Days (Moscow, Zagreb, and Bucharest).  More information is located here.

Ancient History
By education I am a Mechanical Engineer.  After graduating with a BSME from the University of Missouri, Columbia I went to work for General Motors in their Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.  Although I did a variety of things, I probably enjoyed most the work I did in developing structural optimization software.  I wrote in languages such as Fortan, PL/1,  and TSO JCL/CLIST.

After working at GM for three years, I took a one-year educational leave to obtain my Masters in Applied Mechanics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  While there I studied under Professor Kikuchi, a well known professor in Applied Mechanics and shape optimization.  

After completing my masters, I took a job in southern California with MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (the makers  of MSC/NASTRAN).  MSC/NASTRAN is widely used by aerospace and automotive companies to perform structural analysis.  I worked in their research group and wrote papers and worked with other companies in utilizing MSC/NASTRAN.  I also wrote Fortran programs to analyze engineering data.

After working in California, my wife and I decided to relocate back to the midwest.  I took a position with a healthcare software company (Cerner Corporation) located in Kansas City, MO.  My position there was as a working team leader of a group developing an X Windows based component library.  This toolkit was utilized by other product groups in the company.  After a few years of working with X Windows we started to realize that X Windows wasn't going to win the desktop war, with Microsoft having recently released Windows 3.0.

As a result my group started shifting gears and began looking at Windows development and operating systems.  My role changed to manager of an Advanced Technology Group where we looked at early  betas of Windows Operating Systems (I went to the very first NT Developers conference where they released an alpha of NT 3.1), messaging technology, and wireless technology.

After being at Cerner for almost six years I started longing for a more hands-on role with technology, so I took a consulting position with a local Microsoft partner (Empower Trainers & Consultants).  I applied the Microsoft Solutions Development Discipline to consulting projects.  As a director I also helped grow the business by providing technical sales help, interviewing associates, etc.  From a technology perspective, I focused on Internet/intranet development with a 3-tier thin client architecture utilizing a web-browser front end.

In 1998 I left my technical director role at Empower to form High Technology Group, LLC. 

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